Radice Orlandini

One is Milanese, born in ’79, the other is Tuscan, born in ’72. Both graduated from the Politecnico di Milano, the first in industrial design, the second in architecture; they met in LUCCIORLANDINI studio after various work experiences and in 2008 they began to work on different projects. Andrea is curious, he loves sport and culture, he is always looking for new and interesting stimuli. Folco, a lover of Man, of his infinite potential and of life in all its forms and expressions, says he is stimulated by the pulsating metropolitan heartbeat, which gives rise to his unbridled passion for the visual arts. Both defend true design, the one that creates emotions, the one that makes you stay up at night, the one that gets your hands dirty in the laboratory, the one that, synthesizing function and aesthetics, manages to last over time.

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