Care / Maintenance

For the care and maintenance of the products, we invite you to follow the precautions reported on these pages. In particular, for fabrics, we refer to the recommendations of the manufacturing companies.

Guide to materials

Plastics | Plastic Maintenance


Its main feature is a high thermal resistance as well as to abrasion; it is also non-toxic, antistatic, stain and scratch resistant. It has excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, thus allowing the production of products suitable for outdoor contexts.


Polyurethane foam is injected into a mold to create the product. In most cases the foam covers a frame, in other cases it is glued to rigid surfaces and components. Once covered, the feeling of softness but at the same time the strength of the frame make the product a extremely comfortable.

Metals | Metals Maintenance


Steel is used in the creation of the structures of chairs and stools, with high-strength square and round section tubes or with rods. Furthermore, thanks to advanced technologies (3D laser), we are able to obtain increasingly complex shapes. The products are available with different finishes with high quality standards (satin finish, chrome plating).


This metal combines qualities of lightness with resistance and natural aesthetic beauty of the surfaces. The aluminum surface can be anodized, a special treatment that aims to increase corrosion resistance by making the surface more opaque. Infiniti uses aluminum in three ways: die casting; in anodized aluminum tube extrusion.

Wood | Wood Maintenance

Solid wood

Wood obtained from the trunk of the tree, in particular from the heartwood, which is the inner and densest part of the tree (ie the less young one).


It consists of the overlapping of various sheets of wood veneer which are glued together with a cross fiber thus forming a plywood.

3D Multilayers

It is obtained by overlapping various sheets of wood veneer that are glued with a cross fiber thus forming a plywood joined to the 3D composite, a special patented material that bends in 3 dimensions without breaking.

Fenix | Fenix Maintenance

The exterior of Fenix® NTM® is obtained with the aid of nanotechnologies and is characterized by a surface treated with new generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through a special process, which give this new material extraordinary properties. With low light reflection, its surface is extremely matte, anti-fingerprint and pleasantly soft.

Laminate | Laminate maintenance

Coating usually applied to different materials, such as MDF and chipboard. The edge of the laminate top is in ABS, matching the top and with a 1-2 mm radius.

Marble | Marble Maintenance

Tops in matt or glossy marble with flat or round edge. Thickness 20 mm. Available in different colors, shapes and sizes; some of them are also available for outdoor use.

Fabrics | Fabric Maintenance

The fabrics we use belong to a wide and varied range of colors and patterns, all absolutely tested with the aim of obtaining the best performance characteristics, including resistance to abrasion and resistance to artificial light. Used to cover chairs and cushions, they are offered in a wide range of bright and bright colors. Fireproof fabric category available.

Leather | Leather Maintenance

The leathers used by infiniti for upholstery are of absolute quality, one example is the half-grain leathers coming from European cattle. There are numerous possibilities to choose between leathers of different shades. Soft and elegant, but at the same time very resistant, they are the result of long processing phases. The leather is tanned with chrome and pigmented with resins in aqueous solution and to obtain the right degree of softness and elasticity there are numerous tests to which the leather samples are subjected.

Fabric and leather maintenance

For the cleaning of fabrics we invite you to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers.

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Guide to cleaning products

We recommend that you always test by applying a drop of the product in an inconspicuous corner and waiting until completely dry, to ensure that it does not cause alterations on the surface.

Improper use

Avoid the following improper uses: step on the seat with your feet, sit on the backrest or armrests, use the product as a ladder.


Infiniti declines all responsibility for damage caused to things or people resulting from incorrect use of the product.


The warranty does not include any kind of assistance or repair of the product or damaged parts of it following incorrect use of the product itself.

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